Authorisation For Expenditure

The application was designed with a high degree of automated calculations.


  • Easy configuration to Company standard.
  • Easy AFE generation, export to Excel.
  • Consistent Coding.
  • Integration with DSP-One allows quick reaction to changes in well planning.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Eliminate spreadsheets.
  • Standardise AFE coding.
  • Connected to DSP-One.
  • Data generated with DSP-One for planned wells can be imported to AFE-One.


  • Users are able to instantly appreciate the cost savings achievable from particular design optimisations.
  • AFE-One incorporates three user editable look-up tables storing company specific coding for Drilling Phases, Account Groups and Items of Expenditure. In addition, there is a comprehensive database of international currencies allowing flexibility to quote a cost in whichever currency unit is convenient.
  • The results can be viewed either in a classical report style or graphically.