Overview of the DSP-One© Well Optimisation Centre

The Well Optimisation Centre is the newest addition to the DSP-One family. It uses much of the science built into DSP-One and Real time technology. The data format is Witsml and the data feed has been tested using several providers.

The Centre also includes offline capabilities for optimising the well design.


What if you could cross-check your Real Time Data against your Well Design?

Having monitors displaying drilling parameters in Real Time at the office is handy, but is it enough?

DSP-One©, goes one step further, and transforms RT Data into RT Information according to your well design.

Before, you would look at your ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density) curve and compare it to the Pore and Fracture Pressure curves.

Now, having mud weight as an input, DSP-One© can automatically calculate the maximum tripping in and out velocities.

All information that is measured in Real Time can be linked to DSP-One©. For example, Directional Data can be used to automatically calculate the Margin of Overpull and Slack Off

This brings a new dynamic to drilling monitoring. Now, you are not limited to looking at raw data, but you can process it in real time into information and anticipate potential issues for the entire well section.

The great thing about how DSP-One© processes Real Time Data, is that it allows you to set a criteria of “normality” for each specific well. You can rest assured that if the outputs of any of the engineering calculations are off limits, an alarm with be triggered.

We all know that safety and performance go together; DSP-One© is a great tool to enhance both characteristics.