Techdrill was founded in 1992 by a group of former executives from Total. The company initially based in Paris relocated to Aberdeen in 1995. Today Techdrill is a limited company registered in Aberdeen, Scotland with offices in Houston and London.

Our staff is composed of well engineers, software development engineers, sales and administrative personnel. Our team is composed of senior well engineers and specialists. It also includes several experienced retired oil & gas executives that are still keen to take up a challenge.


Pierre Orieux 

Maria-Helena Daget 

Patrick Daget 
Senior Vice President Well Engineering/R&D and Director

Richard Ellis 
Senior Financial Director

Sheila Ritchie 
General Secretary and Director

John Dewhurst 
Senior Legal Advisor and Director

Advisory Committee

Jean-Pierre Anselmini 
Senior Business Advisor

Augusto Carmona da Mota 
Senior Drilling Advisor

Jean Miramon 
Senior Vice President Exploration & Production Services

Gerard Cuvillier 
Deputy Senior Vice President Well Engineering/R&D

Technical Committee

Igor Okljesa 
Vice President IT Projects and Develpment

Helen Wells 
Vice President IT Production

Esteban Brito
Vice President Well Engineering

Guillaume Orieux
IT and Technical Advisor to CEO

Company Secretary

Grant Smith Law Practice, 252 Union Street, Aberdeen


Anderson, Anderson and Brown, LLP, 9 Queen's Road, Aberdeen