DSP-One© Full

DSP-One is the first all-in-one suite of applications that provides extensive functionalities for performing well engineering calculations during both the well planning and drilling operations.

  • Used for designing wells, monitoring and optimising drilling operations in order to achieve objectives safely, efficiently, and cost effectively.
  • Data is shared across all the modules and once entered data never needs to be re-entered.
  • Used world-wide in every type of operation, DSP-One is recognised as the best suite of drilling engineering applications on the market.
  • Available in English and Spanish

DSP-One Overview

  • All-in-One
  • User friendly Interface
  • Clear distinction between Planned and Actual wells
  • Promotes Best Practices
  • Single data input entry
  • Tabular results exportable to Excel
  • Real Time risk management
  • Tested and validated by International Oil Majors
  • Optimisation of parameters using interactive visuals
  • Driller’s Dashboard
  • Enhanced for deepwater


DSP-One Full version Contains the following centres: 





DSP-One© Specialised versions

The goal of these versions is to propose the tools and calculation needed for a specific engineering domain of the well construction:


DSP-One Radar and Radar+ :

DSP-One Radar is an all-in-one suite of programs designed to meet the needs of Directional Drilling Service Companies. it provides extensive functionalities for performing well planning, trajectory calculations during both the planning and drilling stages, collision avoidance and trajectory corrections to get back on target. Throughout the entire suite, extensive use of graphical display is made of both input data and calculated results.

Radar includes a complete and robust reporting database with a Slide Sheet report.

Key points

  • All-in-One
  • User friendly Interface
  • Clear distinction between Planned and Actual wells
  • Promotes Best Practices
  • One data input entry only
  • Tabular results can be exported to Excel
  • Real Time
  • Available in English and Spanish


  • Well Planning
  • Directional Drilling
  • Anti-Collision
  • Well Outline
  • Mud Window
  • Drill String Analysis
  • Survey
  • Sliding sheet


DSP-One Radar - contains:

DSP-One Radar+ - contains:


DSP-One Cementing :

DSP-One Cementing is a unique planning tool for primary cementing. It includes also:

  • Development of a job signature
  • Free-fall Analysis
  • Different pressure analysis for TOC estimate
  • Transition time pressure analysis during WOC

Available in English and Spanish.

DSP-One Cementing - contains:


DSP-One Rig:

DSP-One Rig version consists of all centres and modules in the Full version but doesn’t allow modifications of Planned wells. Planned wells can be viewed in read-only mode, actual wells are fully editable. 
Available in English and Spanish.

DSP-One Rig - contains: