Daily Drilling Reporting

The aim of DDR-One is to provide a practical tool to record the day to day drilling activities to print, export the daily drilling report to automatically generate standard reports, and to give easy access to the recorded data for further use (post analysis, ad-hoc reporting). 


  • Data Quality Check.
  • Integration with DSP-One (BHA, Mud, Surveys, Wellbore, etc.).
  • Robust database with low maintenance.
  • Flexible reports.
  • Minimum data input.
  • Tabular results can be exported to Excel.
  • Made by Drilling Engineers for Drilling Engineers.
  • Data generated with DSP-One for planned wells can be imported into DDR-One.


  • Robust drilling data management solution using a relational database such as Oracle or SQLBase.
  • Generation of numerous reports including Daily Drilling Report, NPT Analysis, Time Breakdown, etc. Reports can be generated on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. An automated EOW Report is generated.
  • Benchmarking and technical limit analysis.
  • Integration with DSP-One allows for daily data to run in DSP-One.